Referral Scheme

Complete the details below to earn £100

Since opening in 2009 we are aware that a significant factor in the expansion and success of our business has been down to the referrals and recommendations that we have received from clients that have used us to either sell or let their property. We are therefore launching a referral scheme which will allow us to give a little back and to say ‘thank you’ to those that have gone out of their way to recommend our company.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that if you recommend a client to either sell or let a property through Staves and the client instructs us on a sole agency basis, we will write you a cheque for £100! It’s that simple, no strings attached. There is also no limit to the number of properties you can refer to us. The more properties you refer, the more you can earn. To take advantage of this incentive simply fill out the required fields below.


Please note: Each referral should be submitted on a separate form.




Referral Details